Have Increased Height with the Help of Yoga

If you are looking for some easy options to increase your height, you must check the ancient Indian system of Yoga. There are some postures in this system that can help you increase your height over a period and that too completely a natural way.

  1. ‘Triangle Pose’ or ‘Trikonasana’:

One could guess by the nameitselfas while performing this asana our body gets shape of a triangle. It helps to increase height at a rapid pace and is therefore much of a help to shorter people. Not only this, this posture helps in improving posture, enhancing balance and reducing stress.

To perform this asana, you need to stand straight with your feet apart. Now you need to turn the right foot out at 90 degrees and left foot in by 15 degrees. Make sure that your feet are pressed against the ground, and you make equal balance on both of your legs. Inhale deeply and while exhaling bend down to your right and keep your waist straight. Now bend your body sideways and not backward or forward. Take along breath and relax. You need to continue the same process on another side as well.

  1. ‘Revolved Triangle Pose’ or ‘ParivrttaTrikonasana’:

ParivrttaTrikonasana is the inverse of the previous pose. Your body forms the shape of an inverted triangle while performing this asana. It makes your back and also thelower back of the body stronger and strengthens it. Also, it improves the balancing capacity of the body. Thus, it will surely increaseyour height.

  1. ‘Downward-Facing Dog Pose’ or ‘AdhomukhaSvanasana’:

This asana is simply known as the ‘dog pose.’ The downward facing dog poses stretches the muscles,and hence make them stronger. It also helps you boost your blood circulation in the entire body. Thus, you can notice some changes in your height. That is, it will increase rapidly.

To practice this asana, sit on the floor and in a position like a table. Your back should form the top of the table and hands, as well as feet, become the legs.When you inhale, lift your hips upside and form and inverted V-shape body. Press your hands on the ground.

Take deep breaths and hold this dog pose.Keep your face downwards to the navel.

Now exhale, bend the knees and come back to rest position.

  1. ‘Cat Pose’ or ‘Bidalasana’:

Similar to the dog pose, you can easily carry out or practice the cat pose. This is also known as Bidalasana. It will increase your height evidently. It helps the spinal cord as it extends in both forward as well as backward directions, during this asana. It also helps you expand every single cartilage disc which is present in the spinal column. This will result in increased height.

Benefits of Cat Pose:

The Cat Pose or Bidalasana has a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It helps you stretch the back, torso and the neck.
  • Your spine and its muscles are gently massaged while performing this posture.
  • It also enhances the functions of your belly organs.
  • Reduces stress, tension, and worries.


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