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7 days back, I was rummaging news, which said that www.rockasap.com , India’s first Mall on Mobile’ is definitely selling e-Books or digital books, if I rephrase it in simple rules. This is great news for user like me, who is avid book reader too as consumes more of digital content than content distributed through traditional lication. It is a significant and futuristic move by www.rockasap.com to consider a first pole position in providing e-Books to fast growing techno-tribe of India. As far as devices on which e-books can be read are concerned, numbers are also standing in big reinforce. News available from different sources says that around 13 million mobile phones were sold in India in 2011 and it growing by more than 60% year on week. Sales of Tablet PC is also seeing a stupendous growth, powered by units offered from a price regarding Rs.3,500/- to Rs.50,000/-. Now an user can carry more than 500 books in one device, may phenomenal.
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But this 1 of the side of photographs. There are some of the challenges, which will define the connected with this business section.

1. Phones which are running on Android OS, connected with GPRS, and serves ads, will suck battery quickly. Moreover, the apps set up on the devices also play a major role in making it dry quickly. Research from Microsoft and Purdue University, reported by ZDNet, looked at five of the most popular Android apps: Angry Birds, The new York Times reader, MapQuest, Free Chess and the Android browser. Using a custom-made app for the study called EProf, they tested the car battery drain of each app on an HTC Passion running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. EProf is competent to not only detecting how much power the app was using, but even the energy demands of specific app activity. It turns out activities regarding serving the user ads consume probably the most power. Of overall power consumed by Angry Birds, for example, a full 45% of it used to track ad-related user data (such as location). For Free Chess, the apps consumes between 65-75% on serving ads, uploading user info and tracking.

I own Samsung Galaxy Tab 50.1, which runs on Android Honeycomb OS. I have installed an app Go Power Master’, which tells me about the life of the battery if I in order to for various makes use of. Right now, while writing my personal on it, battery of my tablet has got 9 hours 32 minutes of endurance. It might support me for 3 hours 48 minutes for phone call, 2 hour 44 minute for video, 4 hour and 4 minute of network following that. So, continuous regarding tablet or mobile for reading eBook will dry the battery very soon, because a tablet or a phone will also be utilized for other apps, phone calls and video and limited battery will as being a dampener in this entire experience.

2. I am passionate about . I am simply amazed at opportunity it provides to explore the layers of this earth to limits of universe. It gives us the ability to collaborate, concur and co-create a whole new and meaningful an entire world of life. Many may disagree with me, but hasn’t it made the power gets distributed and reach to the larger audience, making it more positive, meaningful, constructive and payday loans no fax big? It has produced information collection and distribution very as well as more importantly free’. The consumers, are usually used to getting digital content for free, will still find it very tough really visit the site and buy which. Many big players like Tv history Post’ have not been able to manage the free distribution of content, then how www.rockasap.com will perform the paid distribution is a big question.

3. I assume, group, which will targeted first for eBooks are up-market, high profile people carrying 3G Tablet or high end mobile phone and they’re going to have their specific choice about the books or writers and magazines. On mobile phone or tablet, they will need to browse through superior health segment and possibilities for them. Ideally, every customer always be do this activity, but the high-profile customer would in order to treated exclusively. So, it will even be challenge for internet.rockasap.com .

But nevertheless, the most wonderful thing is always a good thing’ and e-book store is welcome development for consumers of digital content like me.

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